Happy Hammock Day: Celebrate With These Hammock Hanging Ideas

Check out these five (not-so-typical) spots to hang a hammock. Happy Hammock Day!

1. Porch: Hanging a hammock on your front or back porch means relaxation is right outside your door. Add a homemade cocktail and a misting fan and you might as well be in the Bahamas! Another perk is you’re able to keep an eye out for potential intruders (and cute mailmen).

2. In a dorm room: Just because you live in a typical college dorm room doesn’t mean you can’t spice up bland dorm life a little bit! Hang a hammock between two bunks. Boom. Now you have the perfect place for your cat naps between classes and room for a third roommate. And don’t forget the added fort-building potential.

3. Between two trees: A typical spot for a hammock, but there’s nothing wrong with the classic. Put on your shades, crank up some tunes and ignore life for a while.

4. Over a body of water: On days when the sun’s rays are too piercing to lay out for too long, hang a hammock over a pool of water. When the heat becomes too much to handle, simply shift your weight to one side and gravity will take of the rest. Don’t forget to hold your breath! And make sure you know how to swim.

5. At work: Stressed out during a long day at work? An easy solution could be hanging a hammock between two cubicles, or in a quiet, undisturbed part of the office, like the supply closet. Everyone needs a little break from the work day, and you could even check memos while you do it! If anyone gives you grief about your floating net of luxury, well, they’re just jealous they didn’t think of it first.


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