Text Topic: Memorable Dates


Getting pulled over in your parents driveway on prom

Went to a basement party & was dancing with my date and he had his back to me because he was dancing with his self in the mirror

My uncle was on a 1st date and his front wheel on his vw bug fell off while he was going down the road and hit someone’s house! Lol

Went on a date with the most popular guy and he picked his nose all night… I didnt go on another date for 6 mons

Went on a first date, went back to her house and she wanted me to just hold her. We had just met

On my first date we had dinner and I had food stuck in between my teeth but I didn’t realize until afterwards. then when I asked him why didn’t he tell me anything. he said he didn’t notice because he was mesmerized with my eyes. So I married him 🙂

Sweetest guy took me to old spaghetti factory with his friends on a double date, by the time we left he was vomiting and do sick. Food poisoning? His friend had to drive home and we woke his parents up because we were so worried. We did go out again after sufficient teeth brushing and mouthwash!

He took me out for dinner. He didn’t order anything. And then he wanted to eat half my food. Time to go home real fast. Alone.

Had a stage 4 clinger on a spring break hookup in college. Met at a party, etc etc. The next morning she starts talking about me moving out there.


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