Bored At Work? Check Out The “Office Meeting Quote Generator”

Greg Hewitt

We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s the “weekly status update” or spontaneous “mandatory brainstorming session, we continue to be inundated with invites to meet at work.

Check out the Office Meeting Quote Generator.

According to

“If you work in an office and you’ve ever been dragged into a meeting, you know you are about to lose an hour of your life for no reason. A lot of people who think they’re important are going to say a lot of things they think are important, but in reality, it’s all just an elaborate excuse to avoid doing any real work and to make the day go by faster. If you want to join in on the conversation, just use our office meeting quote generator to get your very own important-sounding comment to add to the next conference call. And then be sure to follow-up on that next week and get back to us.”

Yeah, pretty well sums it up.

And that “follow-up” MUST come in the form of a group email (with the requisite “REPLY ALL” responses)

So now, you may actually have an idea the next time a co-worker tells you they’re “just trying to get the ball rolling,” (they might be) or that they’re “not sure but will look into it for you”¬† (they probably won’t).

It’s a fun diversion, but so far I haven’t seen anything¬† that would help us better understand this guy:


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