First iPhone 6 Buyer Shows Off On Live TV, Gives New Meaning To “Breaking News!”

Author: Greg Hewitt

You just knew something bad was going to happen here.

Perth, Australia was the setting as the very first…long dramatic pause…. iPhone 6 went on sale to the faithful yesterday morning.

Of course there were rows of Apple enthusiasts (or “nuts” as they’re referred to by Samsung Galaxy owners) waiting in line. They’re always on the scene when a new iPhone debuts.

Not only do these people want to be the first to have the latest iGifft to the world, they desperately want you to know that they’re first to have it!

(BTW, just in case you assume I’m a member of the increasingly vocal anti-iPhone crowd, here are my last few phones):


Always at least 2 versions behind the “latest greatest!”

Back to Perth.

Enter over-excited TV reporter whose live shot starts in 3—2—1!   GO!

This kid seemed a little too anxious to share his pride and joy, a tad too cavalier with the airtight packaging.

The shaking hands and slightly quivering voice gave it away.

It’s all good!”  

For some reason, I’m thinking maybe it’s not.

I guess this is what qualifies as “BREAKING NEWS!” in Perth.

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