If you’ve ever wondered how Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani manage to keep their musical lives separate from their personal one, the Bush frontman says it’s very simple.

“I really respect her and make sure that I sort of only offer if I’m asked. And, she doesn’t like rock music,” he tells Radio.com with a smile. “It’s perfect!”

Jokes aside, the two decided to team up for something other than procreating after Stefani got a gig on The Voice. At his wife’s urging, Rossdale was asked to share some of his musical expertise with Team Gwen which he found “flattering.” But it was also something he was initially hesitant about, concerned he would “infringe on Gwen being Gwen.”

In the end, he decided to act as mentor, giving the advice he had wished someone would have given him when he was first starting out. Rossdale was also mindful of the worst advice he had been given. It was right before he took the stage at a small club in London with his very first band. The drummer just turned to Rossdale and said, “Watch the high notes.”

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Rossdale laughs about it now, but says it was probably the worst possible thing this drummer could have said to him at the time. “I would not have been on The Voice, I was still searching for where my voice was,” he says, noting, “That’s how to cut someone’s confidence before they get onstage.”

While Rossdale had a good time on The Voice, he is still a little nervous to see the final results.

“They’re all accomplished singers…they’ve all been practicing for a long time so I was just a little paranoid, thinking, ‘Well, what if they turn around and say, “Yeah, but you don’t sing as good. I don’t agree with what you say.” It’s subjective,” he says. “I have yet to see when they get interviewed while I’m not in the room, they could be like, ‘I wish he would just shut up. What does he know? He just sings in a rock band.'”

Rossdale is selling himself a little short. He fronts a rock band that has put out six albums in the last 20 years, and his latest, Man on the Runis out Oct. 21. Yes, the band’s 1994 debut, Sixteen Stone turns the big 2-0 this December, though Rossdale would like to forget it. Not because he’s not proud of the release, he just doesn’t want to admit that he’s aged two decades.

Looking through photographs from that time, Rossdale says he can’t help but feel nostalgic, and perhaps, a little old.

“I look at my face there and realize that I didn’t realize it sort of had a timer on it and that time runs out. 

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