‘House of Cards’ Season 3: What to Expect

By Carl Franzen

It’s been a while since we last checked in on ruthless Washington, D.C. power couple Francis and Claire Underwood. Luckily for us, Netflix’s award-winning House of Cards is ready to re-emerge from the shadows like a jogger returning from a late-night run.

The third season will premiere on Netflix on Feb. 27, and based on the intense first trailer released yesterday, the Underwoods haven’t changed their scheming ways in the slightest.

But now they have a host of new, much bigger problems to contend with, plus the many old skeletons rattling around their closets. Will they be able to hold it all together, as Francis asks in the trailer, or will their dark deeds finally catch up with them? Here’s what to expect as the third season picks up (warning: spoilers ahead).



New Faces

Based on the trailer, new characters will include some ornery protesters and a Vladimir Putin look-alike who makes out with Claire in front of Francis. Neither seem like they will endear themselves to the Underwoods, even given the openness of their marriage.


Moving into the Big House

How Francis handles the presidency is going to be especially interesting to watch. His new role, as ultimately powerful as it is, would seem to limit his room to maneuver in the slippery, eel-like way he prefers.

By the same token, as the First Lady, Claire’s actions are also going to be put under a much finer microscopic. No more impromptu trips to New York to take artsy photos, sorry!

Still, the powers of the presidency will afford Francis and Claire the ability to manipulate many more people than ever before, and manipulating people is what they do best.


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