Five Costco Brands That Are Just as Good as Name Brands

Consumer Reports recently compared a bunch of Costco brands to more expensive name brands.  Here are five that are just as good . . . but a lot cheaper.


1.  Laundry detergent.  The Kirkland brand at Costco was just as good as Tide at getting stains out.  But it costs you about 11 cents a load, compared to 25 cents a load for Tide.


2.  Bacon.  The generic brand cooked up just as crispy . . . had the same ratio of fat to meat . . . and cost about $1.50 less per pound.


3.  Organic chicken stock.  A case of six 32-ounce jugs at Costco costs about $12 . . . about half as much as the name brands.



4.  Mayonnaise.  They did a blind taste test, and no one could tell the difference between the Kirkland mayo and the name brand stuff.  And it costs about 40% less.


5.  Batteries.  The Kirkland batteries were just as good as Duracell.  But if you REALLY like Duracell, go ahead and buy them.  They only cost a few cents more per battery.


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