Marshawn Lynch Jumped Backwards into a Pit of Skittles on Conan O’Brien

By Courtney E. Smith

Conan O’Brien decided to make a lifelong dream come true for Marshawn Lynch last night (June 29).

The Seattle Seahawk is known for his love of Skittles, so O’Brien brought in a huge pit full of them and asked Lynch if he’d like to jump backwards in an “end zone of Skittles,” similar to his famous backwards end zone entries in the NFL.

Lynch also told O’Brien he had considered retiring from football before his team, the Seattle Seahawks,  offered him $12 million to stay.

“I mean, you know, in this game at this running back position, you don’t go that long,” Lynch said. “But, I mean, they put 12 in front of you for a year you start to think like ‘Yeah, maybe I can do this again.'”

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