Viral Video: Shirtless Rob Lowe Lip-Syncs The Sound of Music

Proving that even A-list celebrities are dorks with no social lives, Rob Lowe shared a video on Saturday that shows him lip-syncing to the titular song from The Sound of Music while apparently twirling around his living room with no shirt on. “This is what I’m doing on my Saturday night. Enjoy,” Lowe tweeted alongside the 10-second video, in which he spins around the room while making exaggerated facial expressions to accompany his lip-syncing. While most fans praised his antics on social media, one bitter follower wrote, “Can’t wait until your Parks and Rec hype fades. Do you cry every night ’cause you’re not Chris Pratt?”


This is what I’m doing on my Saturday night. Enjoy.

— Rob Lowe (@RobLowe) July 12, 2015

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