The Top Things We’d Do Differently

Author: Marty Linck

There’s a big survey online with the title “50 Thing We’d Do Differently.” Like if you could live your life over again. And the main regrets people have can be boiled down to one thing . . . SAVING MONEY.

35% of people said not saving more money was their biggest mistake, making it the top answer overall. But FOUR of the top SIX things people say they’d do differently if they could were financial things.

As in: Save more money . . . be less wasteful with money . . . be better with money generally . . . and avoid debt. Which are all basically the same.

So, what ELSE would we do differently? The rest of the top ten are: Make more of an effort to stay in shape . . . travel the world . . . worry less about small things . . . work harder in school . . . explore the country . . . and be more confident.

It got more interesting as it went on though. Get out of bad relationships came in 14th . . . show people you care about them came in 15th . . . get a better job came in 18th . . . marry the right person came in 23rd . . . and marry the one who got AWAY was 33rd.

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