GREG: You Might Want To Hold Off On That iPhone iOS 9 Update

Greg Hewitt

YES! It worked, or so I thought.

“Slide To Upgrade”

I was just minutes away from experiencing all the bells and whistles that this new iOS 9 upgrade had to offer!  All I needed to do is slide to upgrade, and I’m on my way!

What could possibly go wrong at this point?


I’m not really even sure why I decided to attempt to download the new  iOS 9 update to my beloved, yet aging iPhone 4S late last week, all I know is that as soon as I did it, the sneaking suspicion hit me like a cold, hard slap in the face.

I had just made a terrible mistake.

Little did I know.

iPhone updates tend to pop up on your screen at that very moment when you feel like you might be missing out on something that everyone else already has.

That little voice in your head, you know the one that you should never listen to 99% of the time, starts the hard sell.

“Go ahead, just try it…it’s got ALL the new iPhone….stuff!”

And you decide to go for it!  But as you hit the OK button, you suddenly remember that other little voice, the one you should listen to 99% of the time.

“But whatever you do, just wait until they work the bugs out”.


There’s no doubt that my iPhone 4S was outdated.  Walking into the Apple store at the mall had started to feel a little awkward, what with the sideways glances directed my way (or at least towards my outdated phone.) and the requests to “take a look at that thing!”

It was comfortable though.  I liked the smaller size and given the cost of “breaking my contract”, I was in no hurry to upgrade it. The latest, greatest doesn’t really interest me much when it comes to these things.  I don’’t need to be their classic early adapter or guinea pig-I’m more comfortable being one of the happy millions of sheep, who just want to surf the net, check my email, find out the score of the Cards game and share a picture of my kids once in a while.

That is, as long as it works.

Here I am now, Monday morning,  no closer to accessing my phone, along with all of my contacts, pictures and videos of my 4-year-old bowling, (which I will get back, if I have to show up at Tim Cook’s doorstep to do it) than I was at this time last Thursday evening.

I’m not alone either, Apple is reporting massive problems with this latest update.

You can read about them HERE and HERE.

So let me be your guinea pig this time, OK?

At least until they work out the bugs, just say no to the iPhone iOS 9 update, especially if you have an older iPhone 4 or 5.

That said, I’ve already purchased a replacement phone.  The brand model?

An iPhone 6.

What can I say? Old habits die hard.


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