The Ten Jobs Where You’re Most Likely to Marry a Co-Worker

A website recently looked at Census data from 2012 to find the jobs where you’re most likely to end up marrying a co-worker, or someone who’s in the same industry. Here are the top ten . . .

1. Farming, fishing, and forestry. 25% of married people in those industries are with someone who’s ALSO in the industry.

2. Management, 19%.

3. Sales, 18%.

4. Education, 16%.

5. Healthcare practitioners, meaning doctors nurses, and medical technicians, 16%.

6. Industrial production, meaning factory workers, 16%.

7. Legal services, 15%.

8. Cleaning and maintenance workers, 15%.

9. Restaurant workers, 14%.

10. Computer science and math, 13%.

The study looked at 25 different industries, and the mining and oil industries came in last with 1%, probably because there aren’t many women in those jobs.

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