5 Situations You Should Never Use Your Phone In

It seems like everybody is always glued to their smartphone. And granted, the device is an awesome invention and powerful medium. But there are some situations in which you’re better off putting it away. Here are five, courtesy of Elite Daily:

1. While you’re eating. Being glued to your phone while you eat is likely going to make you feel like you haven’t even eaten at all, leading to an unsatisfactory feeling once the food is finished.

2. Socializing with friends. It gives off the vibe that you aren’t interested, and while this has become the norm, it doesn’t make it acceptable.

3. When you’re on vacation. You’ve paid good money to escape from reality. There is no way you can do that attached to your phone.

4. During a night out. Yes, it tells everyone you are out, but it also makes you look like you’re having a rubbish time. And nothing kills the mood of a dance floor like it being filled with people on their phones.

5. When you first wake up. It’s like instinct, isn’t it? We switch off our alarms, pick up our phones and work our way through each of the social media platforms every morning. Try waking up naturally just once, and see what it does to your mood for the rest of the day.


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