Christmas: The Five Things We Hate About Office Holiday Parties

A new survey asked what’s the best way for your company to celebrate the holidays.  And no, “giving out huge bonuses” wasn’t one of the choices.


52% of people said they want a holiday party this year . . . 24% would rather have everyone volunteer together . . . 10% would do a gift exchange . . . and 4% would choose to NOT celebrate the holidays at work.  They wouldn’t even put up lights.


People were also asked for the five things they HATE most about office holiday parties.  Here are the top five answers.


1.  Having to plan around them.  Like if it’s on a Friday or Saturday night, it affects your whole weekend.


2.  How boring they are.


3.  Feeling pressured to show up.


4.  People misbehaving . . . in other words, coworkers who get too drunk and try to hook up with you.


5.  People not dressing up . . . or dressing too sexy.  (???)

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