The 20 Most Amazing Employee Benefits & Perks

Nearly three in five people say that benefits and perks are among their top considerations before accepting a job. Glassdoor has compiled a list of 20 companies that go above and beyond to make employees feel appreciated. Here are 10 highlights that will have you seriously reconsidering your current position (for the full list, check out the link):
  1. Netflix. Male and female employees are given one paid year off after becoming new parents. Afterward, new parents can resume their jobs as full-time or part-time workers and can take all the time off they want during the first year of their returns.
  2. Pinterest. New parents get three paid months off, one month of part-time work and two counseling sessions dedicated to planning their returns to work.
  3. Facebook. The company provides $4,000 in “Baby Cash” to employees with a newborn.
  4. Twitter. On-site perks include three catered meals per day, along with free acupuncture and classes in improvisational comedy.
  5. Google. A surviving spouse or partner of a deceased employee is given 50 percent of the deceased employee’s salary for 10 years.
  6. Employees are allotted six paid days off a year in order to complete personal volunteer work. They also receive $1,000 a year to donate to charities they select.
  7. Spotify. Parents get six months of paid leave and a month’s worth of flexible work options when they come back to work. Costs for egg freezing and fertility treatments are covered by the company.
  8. World Wildlife Fund. The Friday of every other week is an off day, or a “Panda Friday.”
  9. Airbnb. Employees are encouraged to travel and stay in an Airbnb listing, thanks to the $2,000 they each receive every year.
  10. PwC. Employees receive $1,200 a year for student loan debt.

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