Disgusting Kitchen Habits You Probably Have

While there is such a thing as being too big of a germaphobe, you should be watching out for illness-causing pathogens that are present in your kitchen. Here are 10 common risks that too many of us ignore, courtesy of BuzzFeed (for the full list, check out the link):

1. Not treating your kitchen with the same basic standards you hold for restaurants.

2. Prepping raw meat, especially poultry, without constantly washing and sanitizing any surface it touches.

3. Refrigerating or defrosting raw meat without putting it in an extra container to catch drips.

4. Not
properly disinfecting or bleaching your cutting board.

5. Using a sponge for way too long.

6. Letting sponges or brushes sit on the bottom of your sink or on the counter where they can’t dry.

7. Forgetting to disinfect the bottom of your kitchen sink–and eating stuff that’s dropped down there.

8. Wiping your counters down with a dirty sponge or rag.

9. Not sanitizing or replacing your dish brushes often enough.

10. Cooking while you’re sick, especially with a stomach bug.

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