Greg HewittBy Greg Hewitt

I’ve become convinced that at some point before he steps away, Pat Sajak, longtime host of “Wheel of Fortune” is going to lose it during the taping of the show.

He’s carrying around a fair amount of angst for a guy who’s been such a successful game show host for so long.

Think about it though, from his perspective. This is a guy many had tagged as the “next Johnny Carson” back in the day (and unlike others, he had all of the qualities of someone who could actually have pulled it off.)

Funny, glib, quick on his feet, likable….I’d bet his Q-Score is still through the roof.

Yet, it never happened for him. He did host his own late-night talk show on CBS in the early 90’s, but it never connected with an audience.

And although he’s been very successful in many other parts of his life since, to most of us, he’s still just a game show host. (albeit a very accomplished one.)

Which brings us to last night’s show.

A husband and wife team solved a puzzle and won a trip to Venice (and this is important to remember…it’s VENICE, OK?)

Just for fun, or perhaps out of boredom, Pat asked them what COUNTRY they were going to. Turns out the husband doesn’t know much geography.

Look, Pat Sajak is still very talented and has achieved more in his lifetime than 99.999% of us ever will, and yet, I still feel a little sorry for him.

At least he can still laugh about this stuff.



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