What makes the people of your state truly unique, if not certifiably insane? To find out, the home-buying website Estately has determined the single question that each state Googles more than any other. (To figure it out, they compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions on Google, then plugged that data into Google Trends to find out which states searched those queries most frequently between 2004 and 2016.)

And for Missouri the question people Google the most…

AM I A PSYCHO?    Not even kidding. Also in the running-Who has played Batman? / When is tornado season?

Omg. Seriously? Well that’s really comforting. LOL

And in Illinois: What does OPP mean?  What is pâté?  Was Jesus real?  Why are TSA lines so long? How to jump a car?

Here are some other interesting/disturbing ones…

  • Texas: Where is the Internet?
  • West Virginia: When is Cinco de Mayo?
  • Arkansas: Who won the Civil War?
  • Indiana: What is satire?
  • Iowa: Do penguins have knees?
  • Minnesota: Is “funner” a word?
  • Kentucky: How to make a baby?
  • South Carolina: Where is my phone?
  • Tennessee: Are unicorns real?
  • Utah: Who moved my cheese?

See the entire map here.


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