Balloon Travels 800 Miles in Dedication of Deceased Father

A woman in Newton, Massachusetts found this balloon last week, for an incredible story leading into Father’s Day this Sunday:

Her post to Facebook went viral in search of who first let this balloon fly. The nearly 70,000 shares were successful:

“I found this balloon in Newton, MA on Tuesday, June 7. It says “I love and miss you daddy. Eaton, Ohio. 5-25-16.” On the other side it says “Elizabeth”. Does anyone know who Elizabeth is? I’d love for her to find out how far her balloon went! Update Friday 6-10-16: Thanks to everyone who shared this picture! Elizabeth’s mother saw the picture and now she knows how far the balloon traveled.”

The balloon was from a young girl named Elizabeth in Eaton, Ohio. Elizabeth and her older sister, Isabella, both sent up three balloons to their father, Army Pfc. Gustavo A. Rios, who was killed in action in 2011 while serving overseas.

This yellow one traveled 800 miles.

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