Some Secrets of Carpool Karaoke Dispelled

Is the car actually driving around New York? Do they know what song is coming? How long does it take to shoot? Here are the answers to those, and more, questions about James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke”.

Nick Jonas recently recorded a segment with Demi Lovato, and he gave Elvis Duran on iHeartRadio the scoop.

For instance, they can’t run the air conditioning because it’ll ruin the sound, so the car gets EXTREMELY HOT.

Nick also said he wanted to make sure he knew the words to the songs, and for him, he definitely wanted to know Demi’s, but he stopped short of saying they get tipped off about what songs will be played.

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That’s got us really thinking about the segment and how it is all put together.

So here are five OTHER interesting facts about “Carpool Karaoke”:

1. There’s no green screen. The car is real, and it’s not on a trailer. James is really driving.

The show’s producer says they’re easy routes. The streets aren’t blocked off, and so there are other cars, but he’s never going more than 20mph.

2. James’ car is part of a convoy. The show has two cars ahead of him, and three behind him. And they don’t let any other cars around him for safety reasons.

3. As Nick said, they record the sound directly from the car, and there are tiny cameras the size of your knuckle stuck on the windshield. They’re not big enough to distract James’ view.

4. They film for about an hour, and then the editor trims it down. Usually, they’re left with about 15 minutes of good stuff, but when Adele did it, she was having so much fun that she stayed in the car for more than two hours, and they ended up with 54 minutes of good footage.

5. The idea came from a skit that James did for the U.K.’s Comic Relief charity event in 2011. It featured him singing in the car with George Michael.

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