Pizza delivery people get some really odd requests. And it turns out, some of those customers are super weird. People just published a list of 19 bizarre customer requests, as provided by pizza delivery folks on Reddit. Here’s some of the weird ones….(check out the link here for the full list):

  1. “It was my last day on the job and a girl asked me if I could take pictures with her. She said she would pay me $50 to make her cheating boyfriend jealous. I thought she was beautiful, so I said yes. We took two pictures–one watching a movie and the other spooning.”
  2. “I had an old woman ask for a hug, then my phone number, then to take her to Walmart, all while she was crying.”
  3. “A guy paid me $10 for a $9.96 pizza. I told him I’d have to run to my car to get some pennies, he said, ‘I’ll wait.'”
  4. “She wanted me to fix her microwave. Seriously. I was warned about her by the other drivers and they all said she tried to lure them into her home. I got the ‘she’s gonna take my skin’ vibe so I didn’t go in.”
  5. “This old woman paid exact change and tipped me in delicious pears.”
  6. “A couple who ordered regularly liked us to draw mythical creatures on the inside of the pizza box lid for them to be surprised by.”
  7. “Years ago, I delivered for a place that tried to bill themselves as gourmet pizza. Since they were so classy, the drivers’ uniforms were a tuxedo shirt and bowtie. I had the misfortune of delivering to two separate bachelorette parties, and on both occasions, the middle-aged ladies refused to believe I was not the stripper. When I actually handed them the pizza, they still tried to pay me to take my clothes off.”
  8. “Two naked ladies in their fifties asked if I wanted to come in and watch the UFC with them.”

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