17 Phrases Parents Wish They Would Hear More Often

The things that you find irresistible change dramatically once you become a parent. Here are 10 lines that will work on new moms and dads–and nobody else, courtesy of Buzzfeed:

“I saved the rest of the kid’s leftover mac and cheese just for you.”
“No, babe. Let me change this blowout diaper.”
“Wondering why the washing machine is on? It’s because the toddler peed the bed during his nap, and I changed the sheets without making you help me.”
“No, you keep your phone. She can play Toca Boca on mine.”
“Another Chipmunks movie is coming out, but you’re not going to hear one peep out of those high-pitched little rats. ‘Cause I’m taking the kids.”
“I’ll handle the whining, you handle the wine.”
“I’m not only going to the store to get groceries, but I’m taking the kids with me so you can watch your shows.”
“You know that sippy cup you found with curdled milk in it? I cleaned it out. Real good.”
“I’m going to watch the 6-year-old’s improvised dance to ‘Uptown Funk’ so you don’t have to.”
Kid: “Why is the sky is blue?” You: “I got this.”

See the full list on Buzzfeed, here.


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