WATCH: Cops Detain Guy Bafflingly Dressed As Zorro

Some terminals at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) were rumored to be shut down due to an active shooter Sunday evening. Which is a truly serious and scary situation for all persons in and the around the airport.

But there was a another story that played out on a bench, outside the airport. Caused by one man — dressed as Zorro, complete with a plastic sword.

After being detained by LAX Airport Police, it seemed like he still didn’t really understand what was going on. He spoke with CBS2 and KCAL9, but asked to hide his face:

“Next thing I know, I’m coming out, making a phone call,” the man says. “And I’m sitting over here waiting on my ride and next thing I know, LAPD is all over me, unbeknownst to the fact that they were coming after me for whatever reason.”

CBS asked him why he was dressed as Zorro, he says he is an actor and was trying out for a role.

Next time dude, bring a change of clothes.

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