The Best Labor Day Deals

Lots of people shop on Labor Day weekend because stores offer big discounts and other incentives to get people in their stores. Here is some advice from DealNews & NerdWallet on what to buy and what to avoid.

Buy: Summer clothes. Because Labor Day marks the end of summer, retailers are already looking forward to fall and pushing their full-price autumn wardrobes.

Buy: Grills. With thoughts turning to colder weather, some retailers are offering discounts on grills even though it’s still warm across much of the country.

Buy: Mattresses. Mattresses can set back consumers by thousands of dollars, so it makes sense to hunt for a bargain. Labor Day could provide some good deals,according to NerdWallet.

Avoid: Fall clothing. Anything fall-related is unlikely to be discounted much this weekend, so it’s best to hold off on fall clothing.

Avoid: Apple devices. Apple is reportedly unveiling new phones this fall, which means older models may be discounted later in the year

Avoid: Toys. The holiday season will offer better deals, so wait until the official kickoff with Black Friday sales.

Do you plan on shopping this weekend? What are some things you would like to get on sale?!

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