5 Sweet New Features Coming to iPhones 5, 6, 7

You won’t have to spend hundreds on a brand new iPhone 7 to take advantage of what Apple has coming. The new device is being unveiled today in San Francisco, but if you aren’t in the market for a new phone there is still plenty to be excited about.

1) Siri can call you an Uber. The use of Siri is expected to work better with apps to open and apply them, so you can be ‘hands free.’

2) Words replaced by emojis. It will be similar to ‘autocorrect’ which sounds like a hassle, but when you type a word like ‘pizza’ in a message, then you will have the option to replace it with the actual pizza emoji.

3) Send a drawing on your watch or phone. Want to send a hand-written note, or finger drawing to a friend, now you’ll be able to directly from you Apple watch or iPhone.

4) Organize photos by what’s in them. Want to quickly pull up all your photos of your pet, your last vacation or your new car? Then just type the keyword and they will appear without having to scroll through thousands of images.

5) Calculate detours and travel time. Supposedly, the iPhone mapping and direction system will give you more information on the time difference between detours and suggestions for the nearest gas or food stops.

Remember, these changes will happen for all iPhones 5, 6, and the soon-to-be-released 7’s when iOS 10 updates are sent. Thanks to NBC News for the info.

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