‘Nonna’s House’ Hiring Only Grandma’s

A guy named Jody Scaravella opened a restaurant in Staten Island about ten years ago called Enoteca Maria.  And instead of hiring a chef, he hired Italian GRANDMOTHERS to cook whatever they wanted.

He came up with the idea after his mom and grandmother both passed away . . . he posted an ad looking for women to cook recipes that had been passed down.

At first it was just Italian food, but recently he branched out and started hiring grandmothers from other countries too.

He says he has at least two grandmas in the kitchen every day.  One is always Italian, and the other is from somewhere else, like Argentina, Syria, or Poland.  So now he’s serving food from about 30 different cultures . . . and it’s a huge hit.

He says the only issue is they all feel like they’re the “boss” in the kitchen, so they butt heads sometimes.  But the food is always great.  And even though you have to take a ferry from Manhattan to get there, business is good.

He says he gets calls all the time from people in other countries, who want to make reservations before they even get to New York.

And he also published a cookbook last year called “Nonna’s House” that has a bunch of their recipes in it.

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