Amazon Busts Out the Black Friday Deals Early

We have officially crossed the November threshold, and the next holiday on the docket is Thanksgiving, which means Black Friday shopping!

Amazon is ahead of the game this year and unlocked its first holiday deals at midnight Tuesday as part of its Black Friday Deals Store, USA Today reports.

Amazon will be running its Black Friday shop through Dec. 22, but don’t expect big-ticket deals every day, but rather savings on some holiday wish list items.

New deals will be offered “as often as every five minutes,” Amazon says.

The company has also updated its mobile app to allow customers to use their phone’s camera to do a visual search for an item on Amazon while in a physical store.

An app upgrade even better than that? A new feature called Package X-Ray that allows customers to scan the barcode on packages to “look inside” without having to open a box and potentially spoil a Christmas surprise. Genius.

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