Can You Buy a Fisher-Price ‘Happy Hour Playset?’

“Could I get another milk — warmed-up this time?”

A “Happy Hour Playset” by Fisher-Price … could it actually be real?

(CBS News)

Although the ad circulating online looks legitimate – advertising that the set is for “Ages 3+,” complete with bar stools and beer bottles – the toy company is assuring customers it is fake.

Three toddlers (including a grumpy-looking bartender) are shown hanging around a “pretend bar” holding plastic beer bottles in the graphic.

“In the last few weeks some comical, yet fictional, Fisher-Price products have been introduced – perhaps the result of adult writers, designers and comedians that were Fisher-Price kids themselves,” Amber Pietrobono, public relations manager for Fisher-Price, told CBS News. “As a premiere childhood development company focused on helping families get the best possible start in life, we take our role in developing toys and products very seriously, but can appreciate the recent product development suggestions as obvious love of the brand.”

Some Facebook users immediately identified the “Fisher-Price toy” as a fake, thanking whoever created the false ad for giving them a good laugh. But others were furious, calling out the company for making an inappropriate product.

As the photoshopped ad began to make its rounds online, Fisher-Price reached out to customers to clarify that the product is not real.

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