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We have some severe weather headed our way this evening so here are just a few misconceptions about tornado safety that you should be aware of.

If you do face a tornado, don’t waste time trying to open windows, making your way to the southwest corner of the house or trying to get to a highway overpass.

The Huffington Post has more information about why these misconceptions are dangerous:

  1. Misconception: Tornados can’t cross rivers. Landforms can affect the distribution of tornadoes, but rivers don’t seem to have any effect on them. 
  2. Misconception: It’s a good idea to open the windows in your home. Opening the windows wastes precious time that would be better spent finding shelter. 
  3. Misconception: The southwest corner of a building is the safest place to be during a tornado.
  4. Misconception: Tornadoes never strike twice in same place. Tornadoes can strike at any time, no matter whether they have struck there before, according to the website Missouri Storm Aware.
  5. Misconception: Tornadoes don’t hit big cities. Actually, urban tornadoes may be especially dangerous, as there is more debris flying around.
  6. Misconception: Highway overpasses are great places to seek shelter during a tornado. Better to seek shelter in a sturdy building — or, if you can’t get to such a building in time, to lie flat in a ditch.
  7. Misconception: It’s easy to outrun a tornado with your vehicle. It’s better to abandon your vehicle and seek shelter than to attempt to drive away from a nearby storm.

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