PHOTO: Unscathed China Cabinent Found In Middle Of Storm Wreckage

As residents in the Midwest work to clean up the wreckage of Tuesday night’s storms, a story about an special piece of furniture that was spared is spreading on social media.

Photographer Paige Alexander spent more than an hour Wednesday morning in Elkville, Ill., taking pictures and documenting the storm damage. She came across a China cabinet that left a sounding impression on her.

She wrote this message on Facebook, accompanied by the chilling photo:

“I arrived in Elkville, Illinois at around 10am Wednesday Morning. I spoke with several residents around the area that had been affected by the storm the previous night. The photograph of the China cabinet was taken in the yard of one of the most damaged houses I saw around that area. The whole entire home had been leveled. I spoke with the the owners grandson a little bit about the tornado and his recollection.

Photo Credit: Paige Alexander

He said he was several houses down the road whenever the tornado hit. He went to his grandmothers house to check on her only to find her trapped underneath the house. He got her out of the debris and she went to the emergency room where she suffered minor injuries. I know this because she was at the scene watching as people gathered her belongings the next day. Speaking with source about the home, she told me that everything around the China cabinet had been destroyed but the cabinet. The China still and untouched really makes this a strong image because it proves that mother nature really is in control here. After spending a couple hours in Elkville, I truly felt as if I was a member of the community. I was so glad to be able to get the word out about a community in dire need of support and prayer through my photographs.”

Here are more photographs she took of the damage that day:

“This is one of the pillars upon entering Powerade park in Elkville Illinois. Thousands of baseball games have been played here and thousands of memories made. Now it is practically leveled.”

“The couple that lived in this home also had a very positive way of thinking. They showed me their new skylight nature provided them.”

“The family was standing just several feet away from this room when the tornado struck their home in Elkville, Illinois.”

The round of severe weather that hit the St. Louis area battered towns from Illinois to Perryville, Missouri. If you are looking for a way to help these communities in need click here.

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