Whole Foods Is Offering Some Sweet Pi Day Deals

Pi Day is kind of the most underrated holiday around. We don’t necessarily love it because it celebrates the mathematical constant, though we understand that part is significant to some. No, we’re more into the day because it gives us an excuse to eat all the round pizza pies and desserts pies our hearts desire — not that we really needed an excuse. We’re devout observers of the holiday because of all of said delicious, circular foods, and Whole Foods Market is here to help us celebrate big this year.
On Tuesday, March 14, or 3.14, Whole Foods is offering Pi Day deals. The grocery store chain recognized our desire to honor pi by eating pie, so it’s putting on an all-day sale. For those of you who have a sweet tooth, you’ll be able to save $3.14 — get it? — on all large bakery pies. And for something savory, save $3.14 on all large take and bake pizzas. Or maybe go for both? You don’t have to be good at math to know that it makes good sense.
This Pi Day deal is only available while supplies last on Tuesday, March 14, 2017. And, of course, selections will vary from store to store. So here’s to the mathematical constant. Now, we’re going to go celebrate with the one constant in our lives, food.

Another local Pi Day deal is at Pi Pizzeria in St. Louis:

Buy one large pizza, get a second pizza of equal or lesser value for $3.14.
All full service locations. DINE IN ONLY (Except Chesterfield).

$3.14 Schlafly Pi Common
Available all day.

Free large pizza for all Pi babies (all guests with birthday of March 14).
Must have government-issued I.D. or copy of birth certificate. All locations. Dine in only.

Pi Memorization Contest (ADULT, age 16+) *LIMITED LOCATIONS
Winners receive $100 Pi gift card.
Contest Time: 3/14, 4:00 – 5:30 PM

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