Separate bathrooms? Amazing. Separate bedrooms? Could be something going on there.

There’s been speculation on whether or not Donald Trump, 70, and wife Melania, 46, sleep in the same bed when she visits the White House. “They have separate bedrooms,” says a Trump insider.

Relationship and intimacy expert Fran Greene says there are a million reasons why couples have slept in separate rooms.

“It’s total intimacy and it’s also a way that you can learn to really give and take—you’re negotiating your relationship in a non-verbal kind of a way.”

“One could be sick, they could keep different hours; I think as long as it’s not a habit it’s fine for couples,” Fran says. “It shouldn’t be a habit because there’s something about sharing a bed that you only do with your lover or spouse, because it’s a space that’s very private and only reserved for two people in relationship.

“There’s something about falling asleep next to someone.”

Fran says it’s waking up next to someone that keeps the romance and love alive because “it’s something only the two of your share.”

“Sleep is very, very important,” Fran says. “Maybe one of them is a really light sleeper and that they cannot, for whatever reason, really cannot sleep well together.”

Fran says in the end, if you can manage to work it out it’s better to sleep together. Here’s why:

“Try maybe just on the weekends, or one night a week. Do it so that you don’t lose that kind of connection. There is something to be said about sleeping alone—you have the whole bed, you can put the TV on. You can have a snack, turn the lights on, get up to go to the bathroom.

“Couples who have troubles sleeping together, that’s worth exploring with a therapist. The bottom line is, when you don’t like someone you don’t want to sleep with them. You want to be away from them as much as possible.”

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