VIRAL VIDEO: We Love Stephen Piscotty…But THIS is Funny!

Author: Greg Hewitt

It was one of those freak events which occur once in a great while during a sporting event–Stephen Piscotty of the St. Louis Cardinals was hit by the ball three times from his at bat to scoring at home.

Thanks to RT Ohio, this mashup was created of Piscotty’s trip around the bases with audio from the hilarious Scott Sterling viral video.

BTW, he wasn’t hurt seriously according to Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. He said Piscotty appeared to be OK and was “coherent” after the last hit struck him in the helmet. “It just rung his bell,” he said.

We’ve seen this sort of thing happen in baseball before. In 2014, Twins catcher Kurt Suzuki was hit not once, not twice but three times by foul balls…the last of which caught him in a particularly “sensitive” area.

The best line from the announcer…”I don’t think that one caught him in the foot.”

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