Mother’s Day is a big deal. The expectations are high, the procrastination is real, the stress mounts.

But there’s hope, even if you’re the worst gift giver out there. Here’s how you nail the important day for your mom  with five easy, affordable, repeatable gifts.

Gift #1: A Sane Morning

Get up early, make breakfast for mom! She has been making your breakfast for years!

For bonus points, add some flowers to the spread (it’s customary and she’ll appreciate the easy gesture.) According to Maurice Harris of Bloom & Plume, you can’t go wrong with a simple bundle of peonies, lilac, anemones, or ranunculus.  Roses are fine too.

Gift #2: A Shorter To-Do List

Pick one of the un-fun tasks you know she’s charged herself with, like cleaning her car or organizing her bedroom closet. If you have the funds, hire someone to do it while you’re out for the day so neither of you has to deal. Making her weekend better doesn’t have to mean making yours worse.

Gift #3: The Mushy Stuff

Ideally, present her with one card from each kid she wipes the nose of, and one from you personally. If you don’t have the patience to make your own cards, then splurge on the good, boutique paper goods—she can spot a Trader Joe’s card a mile away (the same goes for flowers).

Gift #4: The Loot

Lock the whole thing in with a cold, hard material gift. Something that your kids can’t use and that won’t make her feel like a servant. Something you know she wants and is personal to her. If that rings zero bells a piece of jewelry or a spa experience is usually a safe bet. Both are do-able for right around $150 and even more excellent if you can spend a little bit more.

Gift #5: One Last Surprise

Grab a nice bottle of wine to enjoy after the kids go to bed, or give her the opportunity to take a bath instead of giving them to the little ones, for example.


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