8 Tips for Grilling the Perfect Father’s Day Steak

It doesn’t matter what your dad or husband says he wants for Father’s Day dinner, what he needs is a juicy steak grilled over an open flame. To this end, The Roosevelts has compiled an infographic featuring eight tips for grilling the perfect steak. They are:

1. Don’t cook a steak that’s fresh from the fridge.

2. Don’t put a piece of steak on a grill unless said grill is screaming hot.

3. Contrary to popular opinion, keep flipping your steak.

4. Don’t be afraid to over-season the steak.

5. Don’t press down on the meat.

6. The meat is done when the thermometer says it is (135 degrees Fahrenheit for medium rare).

7. Let the meat rest at least 10 minutes before cutting.

8. Always cut against the grain.

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