Why We Spend Less on Father’s Day than Mother’s Day

Americans will spend an average of $135 on presents for dad on Father’s Day, compared to $186 on moms for Mother’s Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation. So why are we spending  more on our moms?

Dr. Lars Perner, a consumer psychologist at the University of Southern California, tells the BBC that most of us simply think our mothers deserve better presents. “To some extent, wrong or right, mothers are often considered to be the biggest contributor to the home life,” he explains. “People tend to understand the sacrifices they make, that’s what you see. Moms have a special place in people’s hearts–there’s a special idea of what they offer the family.”

He adds that dads are “less interested in tangible tokens of appreciation” compared to moms.  Read more on that here. 

And ICYMI….In honor of Father’s Day, Jimmy Fallon presented his latest segment of Tonight Show Hashtags: #DadQuotes. The host asked his Twitter follower to tweet him funny, weird, or embarrassing things their dads have said.

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