Things We Want To Do On Vacation

The number one thing we want to do on vacation is…

According to a new survey, the number one thing we want to do on vacation is absolutely NOTHING. Here are five stats from the survey…

1. Almost 75% of people in the poll said resting and relaxing is important when they’re on vacation. The rest of the top five are sightseeing, 55%, experiencing local culture and food, 51%, being with family, 46%, and being out in nature, 45%.

2. 22% of women also said shopping is important. Only 9% of men agreed.

3. 86% of people planning a vacation this year say they’ll travel with at least one other person. A very independent 14% of us will go it alone.

4. 42% of people said they dial back their time on social media when they’re on vacation. About a third don’t even TRY to. And 22% said they “completely disconnect.”

5. 43% of people in the survey said they’re NOT taking a summer vacation this year. The top reasons were it’s too expensive, and they can’t take time off work. And 3% said they just don’t like taking time off work.

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