Mystery Woman Bought Dinner for 25 Hungry Firefighters

A bunch of firefighters spent about six hours fighting a wildfire near San Bernardino, California on Saturday.

The temperature was 108 degrees.  So the last thing you’d want to do is be near a huge FIRE.  And when it’s that hot and dry out, fires can move pretty fast.

But luckily they got it under control, and it only burned about 70 acres.  As far as California wildfires go, that’s pretty small.  So they did a great job.

Then after they had the fire contained, about 25 firefighters went to a nearby Denny’s for dinner.  They were all pretty hungry at that point.  And when they went to pay for their meals, they found out someone ELSE already had.

Some woman walked up to the cashier and said she wanted to pay for ALL 25 firefighters.  And she didn’t want any recognition for it.  She wanted it to be anonymous.

Their tab came out to $355, and she tacked on a $50 tip.  Then she threw down another $100 to buy dessert for the NEXT round of firefighters who came in.

A spokesman for the fire department said they’d already battled 15 to 20 wildfires that week.  So they were exhausted, and it was a huge morale booster.

This summer don’t forget about our firefighters, EMT’s , police officer and all that work outside during these hot months.


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