Greg HewittBy Greg Hewitt

They called him “the saddest little boy ever.”

I first wrote about him a few years ago, and almost immediately, it became one of the most popular stories in the history of this website.

The story  actually originated over 10 years ago during the taping of an episode of the Jenny Jones show, “Boot Camp-My Pre-Teen”.

A little boy who had been having some behavioral issues at home and school was confronted by the big, bad Drill Sergeant who barked a pointed question at him.

The answer he gave stunned everyone.

Especially the Drill Sergeant.

“I have no Daddy.”

It’s heartbreaking and leaves you wondering whatever happened to both of them.

Many people have tried to track down the drill sergeant and family of the boy over the years, including the host of the show herself, Jenny Jones. She posted on her website:

“Regarding the “SADDEST BOY EVER” video, I’m sorry to say I have not been able to locate him. I’ve looked at whatever show records I have and cannot find that exact show or any names. I have also reached out to former producers but no one has been able to help. So far no one has claimed to know them or to be them. I, too, would love to know how this little boy is doing today (he would be an adult by now). I’m still hoping someone will recognize him or his mother and contact me. I would be thrilled if that happens and will certainly share the information if it ever comes.”

Another commentator on the same site had more information on the Sergeant.

“Sergeant Moses and the boy lost touch a few years ago and he doesn’t know what happened to him.” He added, “the video is over 10 years old so the boy is now in his twenties.”

There’s even a Facebook page devoted to the story and the whereabouts of the people involved.

There are a lot of rumors floating around the internet about what ended up happening to the “little boy” (who would be well into his twenties by now) but nothing credible that we feel comfortable including here.

But we’ll keep looking.

If you have any information or updates about this story, please respond below.


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