When you hear a couple is in therapy, you automatically think “problems.” Not necessarily. Here are some common themes couples try to sort out in therapy.

1. Issues With the Prenup

While the idea of getting a prenup is nothing new, a recent study shows that more millennials are getting considering the art of splitting their assets up legally, before marriage, part of their wedding to-do list.

2. Social Media Drama 

Now more than ever, keeping secrets from your partner can become even harder to do thanks to a trace left on social media. Even if you didn’t have an affair, but simply found yourself getting a little too flirty with someone else online, a lot of offline drama can occur in your relationship.

3. False Advertising of Relationships 

Blame it on social media, rom-coms, or just trying to keep up with the Jones’ that surround you in life, but the idea of what a relationship should be like verse what it actually is, is so out of whack.

4. So Many Parents 

Today’s modern family looks a little differently than it did in the past. With divorce on the rise, parents are forced to face more of a reality with their ex partner, or partner, that co-parenting is something they’ll all have to agree on doing.

5. Couples are Falling in Love Online

While it might seem easier to find love these days with all the dating apps, websites, and online matchmakers constantly advertising to give them a shot at helping you find “the one”, figuring out a relationship path after meeting someone over the Internet may be tricky.

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