UPDATE: Man Discovers New Boss is Woman He Ghosted 10 Years Ago

Author: Greg Hewitt

Ooops, someone’s got some explaining to do!

In case you missed this story last month, a guy went viral after he wrote to an advice website asking for help:  He’d ghosted his girlfriend 10 years ago . . . and now, she was just randomly hired as his BOSS at the school where he’s a teacher.

And the advice he got was, basically, you’re screwed . . . which turned out to be spot on.  He just posted a follow-up, and here’s how everything went down . . .


1.  He tried reaching out to his ex, Sylvia, to apologize before she started working, but she didn’t respond.


2.  The school called both him and Sylvia in for a meeting on her first day, which was insanely awkward and embarrassing.


3.  They decided he wouldn’t be fired, but they set up a ton of guidelines . . . like he and Sylvia couldn’t talk without a third party in the room, and he couldn’t go to any social events with other teachers if she might be there.


4.  He felt like that was a scenario that just wouldn’t work, and that it was unnecessarily harsh . . . so he quit on the spot.


5.  And now, he’s unemployed, he didn’t get severance, and he doesn’t have any job prospects.


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