WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Gets Emotional About Las Vegas

On Monday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the host delivered a tearful, emotional monologue in the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, imploring politicians to enact stronger gun control measures. “Here we are again in the aftermath of another terrible, inexplicable, shocking, and painful tragedy, this time in Las Vegas, which happens to be my hometown,” Kimmel began while holding back tears.  Kimmel ended by showing a photo montage of the faces of 56 U.S. Senators who have voted against closing gun-buying loopholes and saying to them, “With all due respect, your thoughts and your prayers are insufficient…We have a major problem with gun violence in this country and I guess they don’t care…No American citizen needs a M-16. Or 10 of them. I mean, that seems very reasonable to me.”


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