LIST: The Stores That WON’T Open Their Doors on Thanksgiving Day

Author: Greg Hewitt

Holiday shopping’s official starting date seems to creep further and further back each year.

However, not all stores are staying open on November 23. has just released its list of retailers that won’t be open on Thanksgiving Day.

Here are 12 of the big stores closing on Thanksgiving: (Click Here for the full list)

  1. Costco 
  2. Crate and Barrel 
  3. H&M 
  4. Home Depot 
  5. IKEA 
  6. Lowe’s 
  7. Marshalls 
  8. Neiman Marcus 
  9. Petco 
  10. Petsmart 
  11. Staples 
  12. TJ Maxx
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