Pink Denying She Dissed Christina Aguilera's AMA Tribute to Whitney Houston

November 20, 2017
Pink appeared to throw some major shade at frenemy Christina Aguilera during the latter’s tribute to Whitney Houston at the American Music Awards on Sunday night. In a screenshot that’s since gone viral, Pink appeared to be giving a look of disgust in the audience while Christina was onstage performing a medley of Houston's hits from the movie The Bodyguard. Twitter users caught Pink’s side-eye and ran with it, writing things such as, “LOL. My favorite thing so far at the #AMA is @Pink facial expression during Christina Aguilera’s performance LOL hilarious,” and, “Is it me, or @Pink ‘s face while Christina Aguilera was singing was like: What the hell is she doing?” Meanwhile Pink is pushing back on the notion that she was dissing anyone. Pink recently revealed on an episode of Watch What Happens Live that Aguilera tried to punch her in a nightclub several years ago, but that they are now on better terms. Click Here to read more.