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By Marty Linck

The news and social media have been buzzing about the winter storm known as a “bomb cyclone” that has hit the Northeast. But folks on Twitter think that it’s being blown way out of proportion — despite the fact that it’s resulted in at least five deaths so far.

Here are 10 of their funniest tweets reacting to the storm (check out the full list at the link):

1. Bomb Cyclone? Back in my day, they just called it “snow.”
2. I don’t want to be the “back in my day” guy, BUT back in my day, 10-16 inch snow storms didn’t send people into a panic. It was the 18-24 inch stuff.
3. Back in my day, there was no school cancelled for snow. Maybe a delayed opening, but cancelled?
4. Damn, you can get a Twitter notification telling you your school is closed? Back in my day, we had to watch the 5. local news and wait for the school’s name to pop up at the bottom of the screen.
5. I’m not one to talk about how things were different when I was a kid, but back in my day (3 years ago), I swear schools waited for snow to start falling before cancelling.
6. Schools are already closing for this “storm”. Back in my day, you had to wait till your moms came in your room at 7 a.m. and tell you about it.
7. Back in my day, you’d turn on the News12 and realize that your school had already passed so you gotta wait for it to come back around.
8. Back in my day, it needed to snow at least 13 inches for snow day dialogue to even be considered.
9. Back in my day, I rode the bus without a heater. Heck, that was even before global warming.
10. Am I old enough yet to say back in my day we walked through a foot of snow to get to the school doors?

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