The Metro Show: Got Your Six Support DogsThese service dogs help them heal from visible and invisible wounds caused by the psychological stress of war and duty.
In Honor Of The 4th Of July: America's 9 Most Patriotic Songs
Top 10 Christmas Songs From GleeListen to these ten seasonal and joyous tunes from GLEE and you'll be ready to enter our Christmas Chorale contest!
Gwyneth Paltrow's Kiddos Eating Fast Food...Thanks To Divorce?Your world is not going to end if you let them have french fries, pizza....or if, heaven forbid, they have a soda once in a while. I think Gwyneth Paltrow may be learning this the hard way. The REALLY hard way.
Dr. Drew Calls Endometriosis A "Garbage Bag Disorder" Dr. Drew said that endometriosis is "a Garbage-Bag disorder"... Worse, he then suggested it was because this woman had been sexually molested when she was young (which she had)... and she wasn't really suffering.
An Interactive Map Of Baseball Nation--Ooooh, It's A Shiny Toy!!!An interactive map of the United States and which areas root for which MLB teams.
Conspiracy Theory About The Malaysian Airliner..That Makes Total SENSEA conspiracy theory about Malaysian Air Flight 370's disappearance.....that makes a lot of SENSE.
It's Palindrome Week! Did You Know? Wow! I didn't even catch this until today.....all of this week...from Monday through until Friday...every day, that is, every date, is a palindrome!
The Blood Moon...It's Here! Best Pictures Inside--So, if you tried, like I tried, really...REALLY wait up and see the full moon go eclipse into a dusky full red around 3 am and just. couldn't. do. it. thank goodness there are night hawk photographers!
Oh Joy. An Internet Threat. Here's Help With Your Passwords, Though!The Heartbleed Bug is another reminder of the absolute need for a REALLY super, super strong password.
Hey, Should We Be Worried About These Herds Of Animals Fleeing Yellowstone??When I first saw reports of animals taking off from Yellowstone National Park this week, I knew it was because they had had a small earthquake. I just figured the animals were unsettled & needed to stretch out. Or something. Maybe not.
I'll Take 'Business Attire From Sweatshops' For $400, Alex...Think about the player introductions at the start of the 'Jeopardy.' You know how they are ALWAYS at least a tiny bit awkward? THIS one!

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