Old Wives Tales About Health That Are True!!Chocolate can help ease PMS is true!
STUDY: Eat Nuts to Keep Off Extra Weight & Lower Obesity RiskJust because a serving of nuts shows a high measurement of fat doesn’t mean you’ll pack on the pounds by eating them.
Four Ways Summer Messes with Your HealthIf you've been feeling under the weather lately, it might be because summer can wreak havoc on your body.
Five Father's Day Gifts That Are Good for His HealthIt might not be the "coolest" gift, but it could help save your dad's life!
What's The Best Time To Exercise?Do you like to get a hard workout in shortly before bedtime? You may want to adjust your habits.
Top Meal Habits of Healthy FamiliesDrink water, no electronics and more tips for healthy family dinners
STUDY: Taking the Stairs vs. Coffee?You'll feel more energized if you do some easy stair walking rather than drinking caffeine, a new study recommends.
Diet Soda Is Still Bad For YouBack away from the fake sugar...
Is Frozen Produce Healthier Than Fresh Produce? According to a recent study, in certain instances frozen produce might actually contain more nutrients than fresh produce.
What's Killing Americans?Lay off the bacon and soda, and try and eat a few nuts America!
6 Things You Can Do to Be Healthy for the Rest of Your LifeWhat ways have you become healthier this year?
Which Is Healthier To Cook With, Butter or Vegetable Oil?Conventional wisdom about how butter is bad for the ol’ ticker may be off-base if newly analyzed data from a 44-year-old survey is correct.

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