Find Out Which Words Were Added to the Dictionary the Year You Were BornEver wanted to know what words first came into use when you came into the world?
New Words Added to Merriam-Webster DictionaryHere are some hip new words added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary!
5 Sweet New Features Coming to iPhones 5, 6, 7You won't have to spend hundreds on a brand new iPhone 7 to take advantage of what Apple has coming.
Everyday Words Your Are Most Likely Pronouncing WrongJust wait until you hear someone say 'sher-bert' next time you are in the grocery store.
Video Explains How Dogs Really Do Understand UsYou better watch you tone the next time you talk to 'Lassie' because she may not like it.
New Words Added to Oxford DictionaryYesterday, the Oxford Dictionaries just announced a bunch of ridiculous modern words they’re adding. Here are just a few...
New Words Added to Merriam-Webster DictionaryFind out what new words have been added to the dictionary!
Text Topic: What words do you say wrong...A new topic everyday at 6:10!
12 Things There Should Totally Be A Word ForI love, love, LOVE words! I love finding out their etymology, then I love finding how they came along and became part of a culture...

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