"Ugly Christmas Rompers" Are the Perfect Holiday Gift

November 2, 2017
Just when you thought that ugly sweater parties couldn’t get any stranger, GetOnFleek--the brand behind the RompHim--has introduced a line of “Ugly Christmas Rompers” for the special man in your life.
There's one for every personality too.
The Santa. This classic Santa suit romper will have you singing "Santa Baby” all night long.
(via Elitedaily.com)

The Elf. Channel your inner Buddy the Elf with this red-and-green festive favorite.
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It’s Lit. The perfect option for celebrating Hanukkah, this romper is royal blue in color and showcases a menorah in the center.
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The Classic. This romper replicates your typical "ugly" sweater and is decked with presents, string lights, snowflakes, and Christmas trees.
(via EliteDaily.com)

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