LIST: The 10 Most Popular TV Shows in America Today

November 13, 2017
A data analytics company is measuring the popularity of TV shows using everything EXCEPT ratings. They use "demand expressions," which include illegal downloads and streams, along with ratings from fans and critics . . . positive feedback on social media and blogs . . . photo sharing, wikis, and online searches. They've been collecting data for two years now, and recently put out a list of the 'Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows in America.'  Here it is:   1.  "Stranger Things 2", Netflix   2.  "The Walking Dead", AMC   3.  "Game of Thrones", HBO   4.  "Star Trek: Discovery", CBS All-Access   5.  "Preacher", AMC   6.  "Mindhunter", Netflix   7.  "The Big Bang Theory", CBS   8.  "The Ellen DeGeneres Show", which is syndicated   9.  "Rick and Morty", Cartoon Network   10.  "The Orville", Fox   Click Here to read more.